Choreographer _ Kuik Swee Boon

A collaboration between Muscle Mouth + T.H.E Dance Company

Additional sound created by Jing Ng

Premiered _ M1 Contact Contemporary Dance Festival, Singapore, June 2017

as part of double-bill Borderline

...Equally powerful was the sound design by Muscle Mouth's Jason Wright.

Acting like the seventh character onstage, the sound not only created feelings of terror and eeriness, it also added an element of wonder for the audience.


In some segments, a dancer would hold on to a small box that seemed to emit sound responding to his or her movements.

The dizzying array of sounds were controlled by sound artist Wright.

This resulted in a magical mix of audio wizardry by Wright, who worked closely with T.H.E on this production, and perfectly timed movement.

- Nabilah Said, 2017

Photo _ Bernie Ng​