Tender Suffocation

Matchbox Gallery Exhibition: Wavelength -

28th August - 9th September 2012


[Live Performance, 2012]

‘Tender Suffocation’ examines the effect of objects placed upon the loudspeaker to restrict movement of the cone, and how this affects the audio output of the system. In the performative component of the piece five loudspeaker cones are placed on the floor and are fed pre-composed sound material. This material, derived from piano and vibraphone samples remains on a short loop that continues for the duration of the piece.

As this loop plays, the performer proceeds to place small stones upon the cones. As this is done, gradually over the course of 15 minutes, the weight of the stones starts to weigh the cone down, thus restricting it’s ability to fully reproduce the original sound material. As the stones accumulate upon the surface of the cone, they act not only as a weight, as mentioned, but also as a filter for the sound, distorting the higher frequencies and muffling lower frequencies. As the sound loop is short and repetitive it allows the listener to assess the transformation of sound as the stones are placed upon the cones.