A Muscle Mouth production

SOUND DESIGN / AV DESIGN / jason wright


In a futuristic landscape of isolated rooms and transfer pods, two humans meet to undergo a replacement procedure that has become necessary for progress. 

Their room, like the others, is stripped of detail and comforts, void of distraction. Within this defined space, the two of them are tested and compared as their histories are harvested. Walls whisper in codes and patterns, revealing only the most necessary information. Talking to them, urging them on and leading them through a series of tests, the room carefully manipulates their encounter to reveal the procedure they must undergo. 

The score (Jason Wright) is an electronic rumbling. Sometimes jazzy, sometimes disturbing. Occasionally a distorted and layered voice whispers something.

Librarykris - 2019

Subtle projections created by AV designer Jason Wright appear and disappear on the walls of the set, until they explode in an orgasmic mandala. He also creates a brilliant sound scape to augment the visuals and choreography.

Lynne Pringle - 2019

A sonic hit transports us and fast flashing lights take us abruptly out of ourselves to a curious and ultimately dystopian place - I think I held my breath for an hour and the tension of System was exhausting and very real.

An insistent and incredible sound score by Jason Wright physically drives our cerebral involvement and cannot be ignored.

Dierdre Tarrant - 2019

NZ Fringe Festival - March 2019

Tempo Dance Festival - October 2018