Triumphs and Other Alternatives


A Muscle Mouth production


Triumphs and Other Alternatives collides sculpture with gutsy performance to create an original and visceral new style of Physical Movement Theatre. The show explores the obsessiveness and traps of the creative process, demonstrating a delusional joy that the act of creating can bring forth.

The soundtrack. Electronic syncopated sounds similar to that of a building site. We hear all the unrelated small sounds of no determinant origin. These occasionally build and overwhelm the theatre with screeches that sear through the mind, or heavy machine rumbles that vibrate the soul. A crucial, constant element without beat, tone, or harmony.

- Janet Whittington, 15 Oct 2016


The fourth, most obvious presence in the theatre comes in the form of sonic artist's Jason Wright's deliciously unsettling soundscape, which makes excellent use of the theatre's high-powered surround sound system. Sound, here, is as malleable as the bodies of the performers, and as capable of interconnectivity: the soundscape manipulates and shapes the performance environment, responding to and amplifying the movements and the sounds of the dancers, and merging electronic and percussive sounds with more organic clicks, grunts, rumbles and almost-comprehensible mutters.

- Erin Harrington, 19 Oct 2016


The sound is seriously impactful. It messes with concepts of time in ways that give depth to the work, allowing us to submerge and remerge elsewhere, and double up way over there.   

- Anna Bate, 23 Apr 2015


Premiere Season - Wellington 2015

Tempo Dance Festival - October 2015

Bay Court Theatre, Tauranga, NZ, October 2016
Hawke's Bay Arts Festival, NZ, October 2016

Nelson Arts Festival, NZ, October 2016

Issac Theatre Royal, Christchurch, NZ, October 2016

APAM: Australian Performing Arts Market showcase, Brisbane, Australia, February 2016

Liveworks Festival of Experimental Art, Sydney, Australia, October 2015

Seoul International Dance Festival, South Korea, October 2017
Busan International Dance Market, South Korea, October 2017