r a u r o p i  [  I II III  ]


rauropi [ I II III ]
03 - 25 May / 2019

Toi Pōneke Art Gallery

rauropi; organism - a living thing /

rauropi [ I II III ] exists as a complete but modular environment, where sculpture, sound and light occupy sonic and physical territory.

This new work builds upon Wellington-based sound artist Jason Wright’s interest in object-integrated sound sculpture and multichannel audio. Wright works with found wood and organic matter, manipulating surfaces and combining these materials with metal, wire and speaker cones, creating free-standing sculptural audio pieces, interconnected by masses of wires and clusters of loudspeakers, which inhabit a tension between the organic and synthetic.

In this environment, sound pulses and pierces, evolves and shifts, as the listener hears high-frequency chatterings, low-frequency pulsations and remnants of organic ‘found’ sound. Wright imagines these sonic compositions as the inner frequencies of the sculptures.


Thanks to / 

Zane Green / Technical Assistance + Audio Contribution

Kiri Olds / Text translation

rauropi [ I II III ] was created with the support of /

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