[Live Performance, 2012]

Adam Concert Room, NZSM

This piece is an experiment is tactile applications for the loudspeaker, where the loudspeaker not only produces the sound, but is integral in generating and affecting the audio passing through the system.



Glass is an instrument for processing audio. Made up of loudspeakers, various loudspeaker cones, contact mics and glass jars. This instrument incorporates the loudspeaker as an object that does not remain passive, but becomes an active and tactile element of the work, that the performer must interact with to change the sonic result.

The audio material of 'Glass' is processed feedback material from a contact mic sitting on top of the base loudspeaker. As well as slight digital processing, the weight and placement of the loudspeakers and glass jars add a layer of physical processing, affecting the tone and resonance of the feedback signal through directly engaging with the objects present.

Performers; Jason Wright & seablack


Photography and Video by Jim Murphy