Shu's Song

Director _ Gina Moss

Created by _ Laura Gaudin, Rachael Callinan & Gina Moss

Produced by Capital E National Theatre for Children

This live show will delight and inspire young people as Shu discovers the secret life of everyday objects in a home office. Shu’s imagination brings these objects to life in this charming and inventive story about exploring our environments and building relationships.


Sound and music are key elements of the show, using tone, volume, and composition to demonstrate emotion, communication and purpose. In fact, sound, movement, puppetry and light replace speech, creating a non-verbal visual theatre experience that provides each audience member with opportunity to connect and understand the story through their individual perspective.


Shu’s Song reflects a young person’s world of discovery and imagination. It tells a story we will all recognise – a path to understanding our complex world and the challenges faced along the way. The show provides a great opportunity for children to explore and discover drama and sound, to understand the concepts of what can be achieved when working together as a group, and to respond to live theatre – another experience that may be new in their lives.

Nominated for Best Music Composition - Wellington Theatre Awards 2016

Illustration Michelle Carlton c/o Capital E National Theatre for Children