As It Stands

A Muscle Mouth production

Auckland Arts Festival 2019

As It Stands is a powerful, awe-inspiring new dance work from New Zealand dance visionary and recent Arts Laureate Ross McCormack, and his company Muscle Mouth.

Influenced by the monumental creations of iconic American sculptor, Richard Serra, this immersive show places eight world class dancers in a majestic sculptural landscape. Made up of formidable steel-like monoliths that tower upwards from the floor, the setting imposes a striking contrast between the order of design and the chaos of human nature, in an electric performance space where hard structural lines and fragile sinuous movement meet.

Technically astonishing and visually arresting, As it Stands mixes impressive scale, lighting, and soundscapes with McCormack’s renowned choreography into a remarkable work that pushes the limits of virtuosic dance and design.

Jason Wright’s composition is confronting, scaling between shrill edges and a haunting tickle to over-stimulating bass that electrifies the movement and lends the set an imposing sense of authority.

Chloe Klein - 2019

Jason Wright’s sound design….. lends visceral texture to McCormack’s universe.

Hamish McIntosh - 2019

This entanglement of body and space picked up tempo to war drums that forced the couple next to me to plug their ears. Strange voices entered into the soundscape that clung onto the ears as one tries to decipher its relation to the scene


Wearing simple attire, they twisted and jerked to thick, furious analogy sounds that pounded the ears relentlessly.


In the finale, the dancers scrapped, rubbed and hugged the floor, twitching in an animalistic form that matched the ricocheting tribal drum rhythms.

Henry Appleyard - 2019