a n  A r t i f a c t  o f  M a s s

Exhibition held at The Audio Foundation 



8th September - 1st October 2016

This work is the third in a series of object integrated sound installations, building upon concepts and processes setup in Black Series I & II. 

Speakers and other sound emitters are arranged in the space, and in relation to a group of wall-mounted panels they function as much as sculptural objects as they do sound-producers. The reflective surface quality, size, and arrangement of the panels impose themselves on the viewer while reflecting them back. Substance, colour, texture, depth are mirrored both physically and audibly. 

Differences of timbre emerge as the viewer moves through three distinct speaker systems, along with a detailed soundscape derived from vocal, mechanical, organic physical materials. The physicality of the sound-making objects is further foregrounded by the surrounding space and the material, texture, and depth of the sculptural objects. 


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